Match and Forfeit Times:

Matches will begin 10 minutes from the conclusion of the preceding match. Warm-ups may not begin more than 25 minutes ahead of the scheduled match time unless agreed upon by both teams. Wave start times will not be moved up. Subsequent rounds and bracket play matches will be moved up whenever time allows. At the start time, if teams are not ready to play, the opposing team will be awarded one point per minute. After ten minutes, the first game will then be forfeited. The second game and match will also be forfeited after an additional 10 minutes.

Work Team Assignments:

1. First official will be provided for all matches. Each team is responsible to provide: 1 down official, 2 lines people, 1 official scorekeeper, a libero tracker and 1 person for flip score. You are responsible for your own whistles.

2. If you are late for your officiating assignment, the same penalties apply as to match and forfeit times. All penalties will be carried over to the following day if necessary. Maximum penalty would be the loss of the first set of your subsequent match. Please check closely to be sure you know the schedule. If you are uncertain please ask the tournament director at your site. On time means the start of warmups, not match start time.

3. It is required that a coach or other adult team representative remains in the game area during team officiating assignments. No food or drink will be allowed on the work table.

4. No cell phones or electronic devices allowed at the work table. If a player(s) is found to be using a cell phone while working at the table the official or tournament director may sanction that team up to a 10 point penalty which would be applied to that team’s next match.


1. Match play – best 2 out of 3 games. First 2 games to 25; deciding game if necessary to 15. No cap on any game. A few divisions may utilize 3 out of 5 matches or 3 sets to 25.

2. Warm-ups (2-4-4) – 2 minutes shared ball handling, 4 minutes each team hitting and serving. Absolutely no ball handling by the team that is off. Off teams are required to help shag for the team that is hitting. Teams refusing to do this will be given a red card prior to the start of the match.

3. Coin flip prior to match will determine side and serve.